Isle of Wight Sprake Marriages


1840 Ann Married George GALLEY in Chale

Mary married William WHITE  in St Andrew, Chale

1845  Charles Robert Married Elizabeth  COTTON in St John, Niton

1848 Maria  Married Charles SNOW in St Thomas, Newport

1849 Samuel married Elizabeth Lucy BLACKMAN  in St Andrew, Chale

1850 Edward married Mary CUSHEN in St Mary, Carisbrooke

1852 James Married Jane HOBBS in Register Office, Newport

1854 James Harriett CHIVERTON in St Andrew, Chale

1854 John married Maria REYNOLDS n All Saints, Godshill

1855 Mary Ann Married John  TAYLOR  Ann in St George, Arreton

1856 Julia Elizabeth Married Joseph BROOKE  in Wesleyan Chapel, Quay Street, Newport

1857 Eliza Married James LOCK   St George, Arreton

1860 Fanny Married Edward  HUMBER  in  St George, Arreton

1860 James Married Ann BUTCHER in St George, Arreton

1861  Sarah Married Charles Albert LOVE in St George, Arreton

1863 Harriet Married Walter HAYLES  in St John, Niton

1865 Ellen Married Richard Henry GLASSPELL  St George, Arreton

1866 Ellen Married Walter ELDRIDGE   St Catherine's Baptist Chapel, Niton

1867 Charles William  Married Alice LOWE in  St Andrew, Chale

1870 James married Sarah WILD in Holy Trinity, Ryde

1870 George married Fanny  GALLOP Fanny in St Mildred, Whippingham

1873 Oscar Edward Married Mealah Jane CHIVERTON in  St Andrew, Chale

1873 Emily Married Myles Laurence Vincent FLOOD  in Trecander Register Office, Newport

1874 MORRIS George Married  Alice LOWE in  St Andrew, Chale

1876  Emily Jane Married John WOODFORD in St Michael, Shalfleet

1877 William Married Agnes SPENCER Register Office, Newport

1881  Kate Married Samuel  Bailey GREEN  Independent Chapel, High Street, Ventnor

1881 Lancelot Henry Married Sophia DUKES  Register Office, Newport

1882 Mary Julia Maria  Married  James SPRIGGS   St Mary, Carisbrooke

1883 Mary Married   Archibald  GREENWOOD  Register Office, Newport

1883 Alice Married  Joseph Samuel  WATTS  St Andrew, Chale

1884 Robert Henry Married Charlotte SPRAKE  St Andrew, Chale

1885 Henry Married Elizabeth STEPHENS St Peter, Shorwell

1888  Sarah Janet Married James Hillier RASHLEY  St Catherine's Baptist Chapel, Niton

1888 Edith Norah Married Joseph Henry CORPE   Register Office, Newport

1890 Elizabeth Ann Married John  WHEELER  St George, Arreton

1891 Frank Married  Louisa RALPH  Castlehold Baptist Church, High Street

1893 Thomas Married Susanna  ARTHUR St Andrew, Chale

1895 Julia Married  William GRIST   St Mary, Carisbrooke

1895 William George Married Annie Elizabeth FOSS  Newport Street Chapel, Ryde

1896 Percival Samuel Married  Laura Jane WAKE  Register Office, Newport

1897 Jane Ann Married  Walter John BUCKETT  St George, Arreton

1900 Edith Norah Married Henry John PRANGNELL    Register Office, Newport With Registrar

1902  Harriett Elizabeth Married  Harry Augustus NICHOLSON    St Andrew, Chale

1904  Emily Married  Frank Harwood RICE    St John, Northwood

1904 Agnes Kate Married George Harry  LEWIN   St John, Northwood

1905 Alice Agnes Married Frederick  CHEEK   St Andrew, Chale

1906 Robert James Arabella Bona SPRAKE   St Andrew, Chale

1906 Jessie Married James Edwin CLARKE  St John, Northwood

1908  Frank Married Rosa Ruth  SPRAKE St Andrew, Chale

1909 Laura Frances Julia Married William Ernest DEACON    Register Office, Newport

1910  Alice May Married Leonard WHEELER Leonard SPRAKE  St Catherine, Ventnor

1910 Charley Married Edith Amey TRUEMAN  Register Office, Newport

1912 George Henry Married Elizabeth Annie RUNECKLES St Rhadagund, Whitwell

1913 Minnie Olive Marreid  Joseph DAWKINS  St John, Northwood

1913 Harriet Ellen Married Richard Henry COX    Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Chale

1913  Everilda Rosalind Married George Edward REED   St John, Northwood

1913 William Married Frances Mary Ruth RUNECKLES  St Andrew, Chale

1914 Florence Married John  TRIBBICK   Register Office, Newport

1915 Thomas Married Elsie May  WHITTINGTON St Paul, Barton

1917 Bertha Dora Married  Edgar Frank CHIVERTON   St Andrew, Chale

1919 Alice Martha Married  George William  BEAVIS   St Catherine, Ventnor

1919 Amy May Married Andrew William CHEEK   Christchurch, Chale With Registrar

1920 Charles Oscar married Bertha Kate BROWN  St Andrew, Chale

1920 William Burlton married Ida UNDERHILL  Primitive Methodist Chapel, Worsley Road, Gurnard

1921 Thomas Married Millie Gertrude  JOLLIFFE  United Methodist Chapel, Quay Street, Newport

1922 Ada Octavia married Thomas Henry ROBERTS   St Andrew, Chale

1924 James Frederick married Henrietta WYNNE  Register Office, Newport

1924Esther Married William Gilbert  WHITTINGTON    Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Chale

1924 Lizzie Married Alfred Frank COOPER   Victoria St Andrew, Chale

1926 Ivy May Married George Towers KNAPP   Register Office, Newport

1927 William Edward Married Gladys Eva THWAITE  St Andrew, Chale

1927 Harry Married Doris Rosina HARDY  St Andrew, Chale

1928 Ernest William MarriedCatherine  HART  St Mary, Cowes

1929 Frederick George Married Winifred Lucy POPE Wesleyan Chapel, Niton

1931  Harry Ernest Deacon Married Minnie Margaret VARNEY  United Methodist Chapel, Quay Street, Newport

1934 Edgar married Emily May DRAPER  All Saints, Freshwater

1936 Stanley Victor Married Beatrice Nora PACKMAN  Victoria Methodist, Pyle Street, Newport

1936 Joyce Mary Married Frederick James CHEEK  St George, Arreton

1937  Laura Frances Julia Married Albert Edward COOK    Register Office, Newport

1938 Susan Marreid William READ  Register Office, Newport

1938 Ella Jane Married   Ernest John GENT   St George, Arreton

1939 Gwendolen Muriel Amy Married Harry Frederick YOUNG Holy Trinity, Cowes

1939  Olive Roberta married  Charles James YATES St George, Arreton

1940 James Arthur Married  Daisy Alice WHEELER St Thomas, Newport

1945 Olive Ida Married   Kenneth Arthur BARTON St James's Street Chapel, Newport

1947 Doris Rosina Married  Cyril LANE  Register Office, Newport

1947 Harry Married Violet Constance May ATTRILL Methodist Chapel, Quay Street, Newport

1949 Thomas Married Hilda Rosamund MABEY, WHEELER  Register Office, Newport With

1949 Gladys Married  Edwin William BROWN St Paul, Barton

1949 Eileen Betty Married  David Henry  SMITH Congregational Chapel, St James Street, Newport

1951 Desmond Harry married Jean Margaret PRICE  St Paul, Gatten

1951 John Raymond Married  Edith Victoria Hilda CHEQUER St Mary, Cowes

1952 Doris Married  Tecwyn ROBERTS St Paul, Barton

1955 Muriel Married   Robert John BURTON St Mary, Cowes

1972 Emily May Married  Desmond Francis  VIZOR  Register Office, Newport

1984 Julie Kay Married  Michael James DIFFEY St Blazius, Shanklin

1989 Jamie Arthur Michael Sharon Joanne  THOMPSON, MOORE St Andrew, Chale

1992 Stephen Lawrence Married  Helen Mary BUTCHER Register Office, Newport

1998 Julie Kay married  Paul Kevin  HOWLETT Northwood House, Ward Avenue, Cowes